DASH Next partners with Octo3 Group

3 min readJun 22, 2021


The Asian payments giant will now offer DASH native on their platform

Hong Kong 24th June 2021 — OCTO3, based in Hong Kong, is one of the market leaders for payment technology infrastructure solutions in the Asian market. By working with advanced technologies and adapting to all security and regulatory environments, OCTO3 specialises in creating highly sophisticated payments solutions that allow clients to materialise their business plans and go to market strategies as quickly as possible.

OCTO3 already works with major card schemes, alternative payment methods, regional wallets, clearing houses, third-party payment processors, payment service providers, and large size merchants. Now their current and future customers will be able to enjoy the safety and speed of digital currency payments with DASH.

The DASH network is the most secure blockchain-based payments network with technological innovations such as ChainLocks. This mitigates the risk of 51% attacks, forcing any would-be malicious actor to successfully attack both the mining layer and the master node layer in the event of any attacks on the network. To attack both layers, a malicious actor would have to spend a large amount of DASH to dictate false entries to the blockchain, thereby raising the price of DASH in the process. Therefore, a successful attack would be cost-prohibitive due to the large percentage of DASH’s substantial total market capitalisation required to attempt it.

OCTO3 is the provider of advanced FinTech solutions and payment rails to the decentralised blockchain Hazza Networks payments ecosystem now owned by Gravitas International from Singapore. Gravitas provided advisory services to the DASH network and is using OCTO3’s technology and Payments expertise, and is now excited to have brought DASH to the OCTO3 and Hazza Networks ecosystem to be used as a new Payment method accessible to all of their partners and users.

Ajmal Samuel, OCTO3 CEO, also commented: “OCTO3 is all about advanced technology and harnessing its power to make our customers’ businesses stronger. Providing them with select digital currencies is something we are always looking for, and we’re glad we can partner with DASH.”

DASH Next Co-Founder Felix Mago and OCTO3 CEO Ajmal Samuel (施杰浩), as well as Gravitas CEO Daniel Daboczy are all available for interviews or further comments.

About DASH

DASH is a next-generation, p2p payments network and cryptocurrency where transactions are recorded on the blockchain: a decentralized, distributed, public ledger. It provides users with a digital currency that is secure, portable, and fungible.

The Dash decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is the oldest and most successful example of decentralized governance. In that regard, one of Dash’s most notable innovations is the creation of a treasury, which funds project proposals that advance the Dash network and ecosystem.

About Octo3

OCTO3 Group Holdings Limited is a Financial Technology group specializing in the development and provision of modern payment and other transactional solutions and services.

By combining advanced technologies with the latest security and regulatory requirements, OCTO3 is the right solution provider to deploy business strategy in the shortest possible time. OCTO3 employs a comprehensive range of Banking and Financial Infrastructure related products.

OCTO3 provides a diverse range of solutions to businesses in the financial technology industry. With experience in building and maintaining varied technologies, from e-commerce processing to tokenisation and blockchain solutions, we can provide tried and tested technology solutions or assist with designing and deploying customised fintech solutions.

About Hazza Networks

Hazza Networks is a decentralised payments ecosystem originally founded in 2017 and leveraging the industry expertise and proprietary technologies provided by OCTO3 to provide payment rails through a decentralised blockchain solution. It allows Payments industry players such as Acquirers, Issuers, Payment Service Providers, Merchants etc to connect freely with each other and to eliminate the inefficiencies in the Payments industry through decentralisation and the use of blockchain technology.

About Gravitas

Gravitas International Associates Pte Ltd are full service digital assets and FinTech experts and consultants in the Technicorum Group, and have helped over 100 projects in the past 4 years to digitise, tokenise and launch their cryptocurrency and digital payment token projects and businesses. Gravitas acquired Hazza Networks through an affiliated company, and is now operating Hazza Networks from Singapore to provide Merchant Acquisition technologies and services.

Media contact:

OCTO3 — media@octo3.com

DASH — Sascha@dashnext.org

GRAVITAS — hello@technicorum.com




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