KingSwap’s $KING Token Swap Layer 2 Implementation Stage 1

  1. Reduce the costs of interacting with the network by reducing gas fees and aligning incentives across all participants.
  2. Improve collaboration and move forward to a hyfi (hybrid finance) platform. KingSwap aims to facilitate joint initiatives, like interfaces with combined CEX ventures like Bitmart and Hotbit which will improve protocol development, shared community resources, and insurance pools. Extensive progress has been made by members of Kingswap towards researching mechanisms that can accomplish all of the above on-chain.
  3. Establish a robust network moat on co-beneficial ground, reducing the likelihood of the network being forked. The software can always be copied, but decentralized ecosystems — crypto networks — are resilient to attack.
  4. KingSwap also pioneered Layer 2 implementation to be able to achieve super scalable growth. This first token swap will set a precedent for Kingswap’s future, as well as establish the collaborative need to build effective KingSwap’s ecosystem interfaces, and other infrastructure.



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